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Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

Have you considered creating a subscription for your podcast but weren’t quite sure how to get started?One of the great benefits of 2023 in podcasting is the proliferation of quality tools to make it happen.
Today, I’m talking with Josh Crist of one of those tools, Supercast.
We’re talking about why subscriptions are a great way to go for any podcaster, how the platform is different, and what really works with audiences right now. Supercast is a powerful tool to make it all happen.
If monetization is on your 2024 to-do list, tune in to this session to learn about just how easy it can be.

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Is Banter Good or Bad?
Get ready for an eye-opening discussion on banter in podcasts.
Join us as we explore the impact of banter, the value of authenticity, and the unique voice each podcaster brings to the table.
In this episode of The Christian Podcaster, our host Eric Nevins explores the significance of banter in fostering connections with listeners and discusses using banter effectively with guest Amy Fritz. Amy and Eric shed light on the importance of considering the podcast's theme and audience interests when including banter, emphasizing the need for relevancy and value. The episode delves into the power of planning and authentic engagement, offering valuable takeaways for podcasters aiming to enhance audience connection.
If you're looking to elevate your podcasting game and improve audience engagement, this episode provides practical tips and insights for incorporating banter that resonates with your listeners, fostering a deeper connection and enriching their listening experience.
Tune in to find out!
Quotes from the episode:
"The best banter is perfectly planned for. The amount of editing that you're willing to do, the amount of thought that you're willing to put into your podcast does determine the quality of your show, including your banter. "- Eric Nevins
"Be yourself in Christ, he made you for a reason, and we need you, and podcasting needs you, and the people who need to listen to your show need you as well." - Amy Fritz
"If you see that people are skipping through your first 10-15 minutes long intro, that's a while. So you want to get to the content sooner than later. Give them something to enjoy, give something to consume to chew on. You can always come back to some of the other pieces, but it just depends. "- Eric NevinsIn this episode, you will be able to:
Understand that relevant banter adds depth and connection to podcasts
Embrace authenticity to elevate your podcasting game
Cultivate trust with your audience through genuine connection
Master the art of banter for engaging podcasts
Leverage relevant banter to captivate your audience
Timestamped summary of this episode:00:00:00 - The Importance of Thoughtful Banter The host emphasizes the importance of well-planned banter, stating that the amount of thought and editing put into a podcast determines its quality, including banter.00:03:19 - Defining Banter The conversation delves into the definition of banter, with the host and guest discussing its role as a warm-up or runway for the main content, as well as a way to share personal aspects and connect with the audience.00:07:10 - Perspectives on Banter The host reads comments from listeners expressing both positive and negative views on banter, reflecting the diverse opinions on its value in podcasting, with some finding it essential for connection and others preferring to skip it.00:11:36 - The Example of "The Holy Post" The host highlights the banter on "The Holy Post" podcast, discussing its format and how it has been received by listeners, noting the attempt to change the format and its outcome.00:12:40 - The Role of Banter in Podcasts The hosts discuss the importance of banter in podcasts and when it makes sense to include it. They mention the need for banter to be relevant and solve a problem for the audience, as well as the potential pitfalls of irrelevant banter.00:15:00 - Relevance of Banter The hosts emphasize the importance of relevance when incorporating banter. They use examples to illustrate how banter should align with the theme of the podcast and provide value to the listeners, cautioning against inside jokes and random tangents.00:16:22 - Banter with Guests The discussion shifts to how to incorporate banter when hosting a solo podcast or interviewing guests. The hosts share their experiences of personal connections with guests and the need to involve the listener in the conversation, even when bantering with guests.00:21:49 - Earning the Right with Your Audience The hosts delve into the concept of earning the right to include banter in a podcast. They explore the idea of providing value to the audience and setting clear expectations about the podcast's content, using examples to highlight the importance of audience engagement.00:24:19 - Monitoring Audience Engagement The conversation concludes with a discussion on monitoring audience engagement through podcast statistics. The hosts emphasize the significance of analyzing listener behavior, such as drop-off points, to determine the effectiveness of banter in the podcast.00:25:48 - The Importance of Planned Banter Planning and thoughtful editing play a crucial role in determining the quality of banter in a podcast. The level of effort put into the show directly impacts the effectiveness of banter.00:26:19 - Factors Affecting Banter Banter can bring value to the audience, but its success depends on the podcaster's personality, audience, and podcast goals. Understanding and stewarding the audience's trust is essential when experimenting with banter.00:26:51 - Authenticity in Banter Authenticity is key in banter. Trying to imitate someone else can lead to a loss of trust from the audience. Being genuine and true to oneself allows banter to naturally come through, enhancing the podcast experience.00:27:18 - Embracing Individuality Embracing one's unique identity and not trying to emulate others is crucial in successful banter. Being true to oneself, especially in Christ, is emphasized as a valuable aspect of authentic podcasting.00:27:40 - Joining the Conversation Listeners are encouraged to join the Christian Podcasters Association's free Facebook group, Cpagold, for a deeper dive into podcasting topics. The importance of community and support in the podcasting journey is highlighted.Connect with Guests
Amy Fritz
Podcast: The Untangled Faith Podcast ​​​​​​​
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Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

Do you have big goals for your podcast in 2024?
I’m a podcast coach with more than seven years of experience and I help podcasters like you build your podcast into a powerful tool for promoting your ministry or business.
In 2024, I’m helping podcasters like you with a new program, unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I’ll tell you about it and how you can participate in a moment. First, we need to talk about why you might want to join a podcast coaching program like this.
While there are many reasons, here are three:
First, you’ve hustled as far as you can and need expertise to go further.This happens to all of us at a certain point. If you haven’t spent years researching, studying, and implementing podcasting, you could use some help and you know it. Your heart is telling you that it’s time to get some help.
Second, you’re convicted to stop half-hearting your show. You started with a great vision that you still believe in but have been giving only half-efforts to the work it takes to grow your podcast and reap the rewards. You got discouraged when you didn’t see results along the way and slowed down. Nagging in the back of your mind, though, is a feeling that you can do so much more if you commit.
Third, you want to unlock podcasting’s power for connection in your business or ministry but you’ve stalled. You want to become the authority on your subject, meet more leaders in your niche, and create something that will last. And you know that you can create a show that will serve and change the lives of your audience. 2024 is the time!
Coaching that brings honest feedback combined with knowledge can change the trajectory of your podcast and even your life.
In this program, we will meet every month for six months. We will discuss your mindset limitations that lead to results like those above and overcome them. We will explore strategies and brainstorm ideas and you will then implement them. You will have access to me via Voxer for questions between sessions. We will compare where you started to where you end up and set your trajectory going forward.
But there’s one unique feature of this program that I haven’t shared with you, yet.
This coaching program will be completely recorded and turned into a podcast of its own. I’m investing massive amounts of time and energy to create the absolute best experience for you (as I always do) so that we can share your results with the world.
I intend to promote this podcast heavily and regularly resulting in tremendous exposure for you. My email list and social audiences will hear about this podcast coaching show and be invited multiple times to listen. And, of course, you can use the show in your own marketing efforts. 
If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading to see if you are a good fit for the program. 
This program is for you if you:
Have at least 100 published episodes (or close to it)
Have a problem with your podcast that you want to solve next year
A desire to grow your podcast’s reach substantially in 2024
Willingness to invest in your podcast financially for both tools and the coaching program itself
Agree to have your sessions with me recorded and shared in online content including but not limited to a short run podcast, social media, and blog content
Because of the nature of support I am offering, there are a limited number of openings so follow the actions below immediately to join.
Here are the next steps:
Fill out an application for the program here. The questions help me get a good sense of where you are at the moment and how we can grow together. 
Next, I will reach out to you shortly after you submit your application. We will set up a call and discuss the program, how it will help you, and overall make sure we are a good fit for one another. If we decide not to work together, that’s okay, too. 
Once we both decide it’s a good fit, you purchase your coaching package and we schedule our first appointment in January. Then, each month, you implement your action items and watch your podcast grow. 
Finally, the podcast we are creating to tell your story will be out in August 2024. I’ll give you all the tools to help promote it and our businesses will grow together.
You only have so much time in life to devote to serving the people the Lord has called you to and every moment counts. Get the coaching you need to reach the people God has called you to.
My clients create with confidence because they know that they are doing the right things at the right times and the results follow. The people I coach start movements by bringing the Kingdom of God to bear on their niche through podcasting.
If the idea of more fully pursuing your podcast in 2024 resonates with you and you meet the criteria above, please fill out the application to get started.
Once again, I’m taking a limited number of podcasters in this program so fill out the form now in order to be first for consideration.
Keep podcasting, 

Tuesday Dec 05, 2023

Hey friends!
Step #7 on our podcasting roadmap is building a community intentionally around your podcast. What’s the best way to build your community? There’s nothing quite like a shared experience to bring people together.
But what kind of experience and how do you even go about making it happen?
Our guest today is Jen Kline and she believes that a virtual conference is the ultimate community builder. Jen will share with us when to host an online event for your audience, how to market it, and some super insider tips to overcoming the challenges virtual events bring. I’m so impressed by Jen’s commitment to helping others build substantive communities and I can’t wait to introduce her to you.
After listening to this conversation, you’ll be ready to start your own online conference, too.
Join her free online conference to learn how here!
Quotes from the episode:
Building a community is how you draw people in and really serve them. You create something that's bigger than you. They can serve each other, and it's really powerful. - Eric Nevins
Virtual events are one of the best ways to grow your podcast and your business. You can reach people all over the world and bring the message of hope that God has placed in you to those who may not have access otherwise. - Jen Kline
A virtual conference is like a value bomb for your audience and everybody else's audiences. It's about serving and giving before asking for more. Don't you want to be known as a giver and a server? - Eric Nevins
In this episode, you will be able to:
Learn the importance of joining virtual conferences for your podcast
Collaborate with podcasters and creators for endless opportunities
Ensure the accessibility and inclusivity of virtual events for a wider audience
Embrace the importance of community and shared experiences for meaningful connections.
Discover effective timing and marketing strategies for virtual events
Start planning your own virtual event
Create a landing page or registration form for your event
Timestamped summary of this episode:00:00:05 - The Power of Virtual Events Virtual events are a great way to grow your podcast or email list and create a sense of community among your audience.00:01:33 - Discovering the Power of Virtual Events Jen Klein shares her experience of hosting her first virtual conference and how it led to building relationships and a sense of community.00:04:39 - The Relevance of Virtual Conferences Virtual conferences are still relevant, especially for those who can't attend in-person conferences due to various reasons. They provide a platform to reach a global audience and share messages of hope and transformation.00:07:05 - Connecting with Your Ideal Audience Virtual events allow podcasters to connect with their ideal audience by collaborating with like-minded thinkers and offering valuable content that resonates with their audience's needs and interests.00:09:05 - Collaboration and Serving Your Audience Collaboration is key in online business, and virtual conferences provide an opportunity to collaborate with others in the industry to serve a larger audience. Serving your audience first and providing value can lead to growth and success.00:15:48 - The Value of Virtual Events Virtual events provide a valuable space for shared experiences and community-building. They can serve as a platform to connect with your audience and provide them with transformative content and opportunities. While in-person events have their own advantages, virtual events have their own unique benefits.00:17:19 - Choosing the Right Time for a Virtual Event The best time to host a virtual event depends on your audience and their needs. It's important to consider the timing of your industry or niche and align your event with relevant seasons or milestones. February and March may be conference season for some, but it's essential to strategize based on your specific audience.00:22:38 - Marketing and Growing Your Virtual Event Treat your virtual event as the top of your sales funnel and use it to grow your email list and reach new audiences. Offer a free event with a paid upgrade for additional content and bonuses. Utilize affiliate links for speakers to help promote the event and track registrations.00:25:39 - Keeping Attendees Engaged To keep attendees engaged during a virtual event, make use of interactive features and opportunities for connection. Use a platform that allows for chat discussions, networking, and multiple ways to engage with content. Keep the event moving and consider the preferences and behaviors of your specific audience.00:26:51 - Leveraging Technology for Virtual Events Choose a platform that offers various features to enhance the virtual event experience. Look for options that allow for chat discussions,00:31:38 - Introduction and Using Kajabi for Events The conversation starts with the guest, Jen, expressing her love for Kajabi and how she uses it for her events. She explains that she has a WordPress website as her base and uses ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit as her email service provider. Jen also mentions using Thrive cart for a cart platform and RingCentral (formerly Hoppin) as her preferred event platform.00:33:36 - Overcoming Intimidation and Mindset The importance of having the right mindset when hosting an event is discussed. Jen emphasizes the need to ground thinking in truth and not let emotions drive decision-making. She also highlights the value of having someone outside of oneself to provide support and keep the mindset aligned.00:37:08 - Realistic Expectations and Results Jen shares a case study of the Show Pig Conference, which started with zero audience and email list but achieved significant growth and generated a five-figure income. She advises being prepared to capitalize on the event's success by having the next offer ready for participants to continue their engagement.00:39:26 - Continuing the Conversation and Enthusiasm The importance of having a follow-up offer or community after the event is stressed. Jen mentions different options like coaching, memberships, group programs, high-ticket offers, podcasts, and Facebook communities. It's essential to strike while the enthusiasm for the event is still high.00:40:59 - Post-Event Feelings
Connect with Jen Kline:

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Do you believe your story matters deeply to advancement of the Kingdom of God in the world?
I certainly do because it's as you bring the Gospel to bear on your niche that people hear that message of hope.
Today, we talk with Hope Writers and Hope Story Conference founder, Brian Dixon about why your story needs to be shared, what happens if you don't share, and why taking action today is the most important thing you can do to move forward.
Plus, Brian and I make a special announcement about the Hope Story Conference! (Hint, it's a special discount on your ticket for CPA! Save 30% when you sign up before November 23 and use the code CPA at check out.)
Quotes from the episode:
We built our company on 1 Peter 3:15, which is "Always be ready to share the reason for the hope that you have." - Brian Dixon
We start with, how was I designed? How was I made? Because God knitted you, right? The Bible says, you're his poem, you're his workmanship, created to do good works. - Brian Dixon
Think about the power of sharing your message. Proverbs talks about a righteous man leaves an inheritance to his children's children. What better legacy to leave than to lead a messenger life and to share your message by sharing it in a podcast, writing a book. - Brian Dixon
Meet our Guest:
Brian Dixon is an expert in helping podcasters, entrepreneurs, and authors grow their impact and income online. He is the creator of the Hope Story Conference, a gathering where Christian content creators can come together to encourage, inspire, and support one another in sharing their message of hope with the world.
Brian's passion for spreading hope stems from his own personal journey, including a life-changing car accident that challenged him to make the most of his second chance at life. With his expertise in technology and his belief in the power of podcasting, Brian is dedicated to empowering Christian podcasters to use their voices to bring hope and inspiration to listeners.
As a guest on the Christian Podcaster, Brian shares his insights and experiences to help content creators effectively share their unique stories of hope.
In this episode, you will be able to:
Learn the secrets of Christian podcasting and entrepreneurship to make a lasting impact online.
Unlock the key steps to starting and growing a successful podcast that reaches a wider audience.
Craft your own XYZ statement to communicate your unique message of hope effectively.
Form meaningful relationships and network with like-minded creators to expand your reach and influence.
Discover the transformative power of sharing your hope story at the Hope Story conference and get an exclusive discount.
Embrace technology and podcasting as a powerful tool for evangelism, encouragement, and exhortation.
Recognize that as a podcaster or content creator, you have the ability to bring the gospel to bear on your niche and share the hope that you have for free on the internet.
Timestamped summary of this episode:00:00:02 - Life-changing Moments The guest reflects on how the small moments in life, such as something someone said in passing, can have a profound impact on us.00:00:41 - Introduction to the Hope Story Conference The host introduces the guest, Brian Dixon, who helps messengers like podcasters grow their income and impact online. They discuss the upcoming Hope Story Conference, a gathering for Christian writers, speakers, and podcasters to encourage and inspire each other to share their messages of hope.00:03:22 - Exciting Announcement The host announces that he will be attending the Hope Story Conference and offering coaching sessions for podcasters. He emphasizes the power of coaching in helping podcasters overcome roadblocks and grow their shows.00:06:12 - Apologist for Hope Brian shares that he has always been an optimist and believes that as Christians, we are called to be excited about God's word and work. He sees technology, particularly podcasting, as a powerful tool for sharing the message of hope and believes that podcasters have a unique opportunity for evangelism and encouragement.00:09:34 - Hope Writers and Hope Media Brian discusses his vision for Hope Writers and Hope Media, emphasizing the idea that each person is created with a purpose. He believes that in today's world, with the accessibility of the internet and technology, there is a tremendous opportunity to share hope freely and be good stewards of the time we have been given.00:13:49 - A Life Rededicated Brian shares his experience of waking up after a car accident and realizing he still has hands that work. This led him to rededicate his life to creativity and pursuing the Lord. He later became a teacher and found fulfillment in helping others through social media and writing.00:15:26 - Making the Most of Time Eric and Brian discuss how we all have the same amount of time each day and how important it is to make the most of it. They emphasize the need to be faithful and question if we are doing enough in our lives.00:16:27 - Influencing Others Brian highlights the importance of sharing our stories and the opportunities we have to influence people. He mentions fear of loss and hope of gain as motivators and encourages listeners to think about who they are burdened for and how they can help them.00:18:36 - Using Our Gifts Brian reflects on the parable of the talents and how not using our gifts can be seen as wicked. He encourages listeners to make the most of their gifts and create something that will inspire and encourage others.00:21:58 - Overcoming Obstacles Eric and Brian discuss the struggles people face in sharing their message, specifically the fear of not being perfect. They emphasize the importance of pressing record, publishing their work, and seeking feedback from the audience to improve.00:27:46 - The importance of recording and knowing your audience Brian emphasizes the importance of recording your thoughts and experiences, as well as knowing who your audience is. He suggests looking back at past calendars or journals to identify struggles and lessons learned. By understanding your audience's needs and sharing your own experiences, you can help them move forward.00:28:49 - Consistency and discipline Brian encourages the discipline of consistency in podcasting. He shares his personal strategy of using a workout calendar and not breaking the chain of daily workouts. Similarly, committing to a regular podcasting schedule can help you stay on track and build momentum.00:30:02 - The Hope Story Conference Brian introduces the Hope Story Conference, a unique event focused on helping Christian messengers discover and grow their message of hope. He highlights keynote speaker Lisa Turkers and the practical podcasting track offered at the conference. The conference aims to bring people together and foster connections.00:31:29 - Building relationships and networking Brian emphasizes the importance of networking and building relationships in the podcasting and entrepreneurial world. He highlights the symbiotic relationship between podcasters, writers, and entrepreneurs, where guests and shared experiences can lead to life-changing connections.00:33:41 - Special discount and invitation Brian offers a special discount of 30% off for the Hope Story Conference, emphasizing the value of Christian podcasting and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. He encourages listeners to take advantage of the limited-time offer and attend
Join us for the podcasting track at the Hope Story Conference, which includes eight interactive workshops and a keynote session dedicated to podcasting. Christian Podcasters Association gets a special 30% discount for a limited time when you use the code CPA at checkout.

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

How do you get more podcast listeners?
In the Christian Podcasters Association marketing plan, there are five steps to creating awareness of your podcast. One of them is social media. (I heard that collective groan.)
But is the problem with social media?
Or is that you don't have a good plan for sharing in all the places?
On today's episode of The Christian Podcaster, Eric Nevins and Amy Fritz share their podcast promotion plans that they use each and every week. You'll be inspired to take your social sharing up a level or two and stop being afraid to share your hard work.
Quotes from the episode:
Never be afraid to share on social more than once, right? Because most people the algorithm means that most people aren't going to see it the first time. - Eric Nevins
If you have something that helps people, then you need to share it. If your podcast is your mission, you need to share it. - Eric Nevins
Don't be afraid to promote more than once. You're not annoying them. They can just keep scrolling. It's fine. - Eric Nevins
In this episode, you will be able to:
Boost Your Podcast's Reach
Streamline Your Social Media Scheduling
Build a Strong Connection
Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 - Introduction Eric Nevins introduces the podcast as the official podcast of Christian Podcasters Association (CPA). He is joined by Amy Fritz, host of Untangled Faith and the driving force behind CPA Gold Group.00:00:24 - The Struggle for More Listeners Eric and Amy discuss the common struggle of podcasters to get more listeners for their shows. They highlight the importance of promoting episodes effectively to increase visibility and engagement.00:02:10 - Amy's High-Tech Sharing Strategy Amy shares her promotion process, which starts even before the podcast episode is published. She uses Loomly, a social media management tool, to schedule posts on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. She also creates engaging captions and teaser content to generate interest before the episode release.00:03:42 - Preparing Show Notes and Email Amy explains that she starts working on her show notes using Cap Show, a tool that helps with captions and social media content. She also writes an email to her audience, providing a preview of the upcoming episode and highlighting why they should listen. Amy emphasizes the importance of making it easy for subscribers to find the podcast they signed up for.00:05:48 - Eric's Low-Tech Sharing Process Eric shares his simpler approach to promotion. He writes a description and an email for each episode, which he later uses as social media content. He bookmarks his social media platforms, opening them all at once to quickly share00:13:46 - The Importance of Timing and Framing The guest was great, but the episode didn't perform well, possibly due to fatigue from politics. The host suggests re-sharing the episode at a different time, tying it into current events or trending topics to generate more interest.00:14:42 - Leveraging Repurposed Content Repurposing old episodes and creating quote cards or graphics with powerful quotes can help promote your podcast. Even if the content is not new, it can still resonate with your audience and spark engagement.00:16:00 - Maximizing Content from a Single Episode From one episode, you can create various forms of content, such as video clips, lists, and attention-grabbing graphics. By repurposing content, you can reach a wider audience and drive more interest in your podcast.00:17:11 - Helping People Find You Sharing your podcast multiple times on social media is encouraged, as most people may not see it initially due to algorithms. By consistently promoting your podcast, you're helping people discover your content and engage with it.00:18:48 - Sharing Your Mission It's important to remember that sharing your podcast is a way of helping people if it provides value or serves a mission. By nailing your message and effectively promoting your podcast, you can make a positive impact on your audience.
Connect with Guests
Amy Fritz
Podcast: The Untangled Faith Podcast ​​​​​​​
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Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

AI is all the rage right now and that is especially true in the world of podcasting. What if using AI tools could make you not only faster but also help you how get discovered, more downloads, and reach the exact people you want to serve?
Today, we are excited to welcome Deirdre Tshien, CEO and Founder of, the world's first AI-powered podcast copywriter. I've used it and find the tool extremely helpful.
Deirdre is going to explain how to think about the already here AI revolution, best practices for getting the most out of Capsho, and how she is creating raving fans for the company. This conversation is going to help you level up your podcast production and promotion processes right away!
Meet our Guest
Deirdre Tshien is the CEO and founder of Capsho, a pioneering platform that focuses on improving podcast discoverability and audience reach. With a background in banking and a keen interest in emerging technologies, Deirdre brings a unique perspective to the podcasting industry. Originally from Australia, she has a track record of exploring innovative solutions and their potential applications across various sectors. After a venture in the fashion technology space, Deirdre shifted her focus to the podcasting realm and recognized the common challenge faced by podcasters in gaining visibility and attracting listeners. Motivated by this observation, she founded Capsho to provide podcasters with effective tools and strategies to boost their show's discoverability, engage with their target audience, and achieve greater success. Through Capsho, Deirdre is revolutionizing the podcasting landscape by empowering content creators to maximize their potential and broaden their impact in an increasingly competitive market.
Quotes from the episode:
There's no better way to find your voice and amplify your message than a podcast. - Deirdre Tshien
Copywriting is so vitally important because we need to be able to nail the value that we provide, the audience that we're trying to reach, and the fact that we can solve a problem that they have. - Deirdre Tshien
If we can get people to our podcast and get them to connect with us and come to know, like, and trust us through our podcast, then they'll come to our challenge and that's when we can invite them to our program. - Deirdre Tshien
In this episode, you will be able to:
Boost your podcast's discoverability and reach by leveraging Capsho's powerful audio marketing platform.
Learn effective marketing strategies to maximize your podcast's visibility and attract a larger audience using Capsho.
Discover how to build a strong and supportive community of fellow podcasters to collaborate, learn from, and grow together.
Adopt a customer-centric approach in podcasting to better understand and cater to your audience's needs, resulting in increased engagement and loyalty.
Unlock the full potential of Capsho's features to enhance your podcast's discoverability and make it easier for new listeners to find and enjoy your content.
Timestamped summary of this episode:00:00:03 - The Role of AI in Assisting Humans Deirdre discusses the importance of AI as an assistant rather than a replacement for humans in various fields, including podcasting.00:00:47 - Constant Improvement in Podcasting The concept of "1% better every day" is introduced as a way for podcasters to continually improve their content and delivery.00:02:02 - Deirdre's Background and Career Journey Deirdre shares her background, growing up in Australia, pursuing a law degree, and working in the banking industry before exploring AI and technology.00:04:16 - Transition from Hospitality to AI Deirdre discusses the catalyst for transitioning from the hospitality industry to exploring AI and technology, as well as the failed fashion technology idea that led to the creation of Capsho.00:07:56 - Importance of Meeting a Need Deirdre emphasizes the importance of meeting a significant need when starting a business or creating content, using the example of their failed fashion technology idea as a learning experience.00:14:25 - Importance of Copywriting Copywriting is essential as it determines how we communicate with our audience and how we represent our brand. It encompasses everything from podcast transcripts to taglines and colors. Effective copywriting helps us convey our value, reach our target audience, and solve their problems.00:16:01 - Podcasting Process The podcasting process involves idea generation, recording, publishing, and promotion. By the time we reach the promotion stage, we often feel exhausted. Capsho helps podcasters promote their episodes efficiently and effectively, amplifying their message and extending the lifespan of their content.00:18:53 - Creating Content Legacy Capsho not only helps with marketing and promotion but also contributes to creating a content legacy. Instead of letting episodes fade away after a spike in listenership, Capsho helps extend the lifespan of content and ensures it continues to provide value over time.00:19:57 - Underutilized Feature of Capsho 2.0 The ability to create custom templates in Capsho 2.0 is an underutilized feature. Templates allow podcasters to structure their content according to their specific needs and cater to different audience segments. This feature helps optimize messaging and ensure a personalized approach.00:23:11 - AI and Ethics AI is a powerful tool that should be embraced rather than feared. It is essential to stay ahead in today's digital landscape. However, it is crucial to maintain a sense of ethics and humanity when using AI.00:29:04 - Getting Started with Captivate and Maximizing Its Potential Deirdre recommends taking advantage of the free audio mini courses offered by Captivate to learn how to use the platform effectively for podcast discovery and social media visibility. The courses are quick and provide valuable insights into the marketing potential of Captivate.00:30:37 - Building a Community of Capshovians Deirdre and the team at Captivate are focused on helping their users succeed and creating a sense of community. They offer monthly challenges and Q&A sessions to support their users' growth. The team also goes the extra mile by sending physical mail and delightful surprises to their community members.00:31:19 - Making It About the Community Deirdre emphasizes the importance of making the podcasting journey about the audience and community. By focusing on their needs and delighting them along the way, Captivate aims to create a supportive and enjoyable experience for their Capshovians.00:33:25 - Celebrating the Community's Achievements Captivate celebrated their one-year anniversary by making it about their community. They sent out mailouts, created a funny welcome video, and planned more exciting surprises. By putting their Capshovians first, Captivate fosters a strong sense of belonging within their community.00:34:20 - Where to Find Captivate and Bonus Surprise Listeners can sign up for Captivate at and access the free audio mini course at
Connect with Deirdre Tshien:
Deirdre's Personal Website
Visit the website, the podcasting platform founded by Deirdre Tshien
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Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Podcast Movement 2023 took place in Denver, Colorado in August 2023. While it seems like yesterday, it's actually been a couple of months ago.
If you couldn't be there (and that's most of us, right?), you can still learn from those of us who were.
In this episode recorded live at the event, host Eric Nevins sat down with Amy Fritz, Lori Adams-Brown, Alajahwon Ridgeway, Melissa Weber, Amanda Turnbull, Ryan Clevenger, and Norman Smith.
They reveal the lessons they've learned and discuss their experiences and key takeaways from the event.
Come along for the journey and let us know what your takeaway was from this episode!
Quotes from the episode:
Meeting other podcasters at Podcast Movement was a game-changer for me. The support and understanding from this community is invaluable. - Amy Fritz
Active engagement with your audience is key. Take the time to listen to them, connect with them, and build long-term relationships. It's worth the investment. - Alajahwon Ridgeway
Hearing what your audience needs and creating a product for them is powerful. It's important to serve your listeners and provide value that aligns with their needs. - Melissa Weber
Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 - The Power of Community in Podcasting Podcasting can feel isolating, but being part of a community of like-minded individuals can combat the loneliness and provide support and inspiration.00:01:36 - Highlights from Podcast Movement Eric and Amy discuss their experience at Podcast Movement, the largest convention for podcasters. They talk about the different tracks available and the importance of continuous learning.00:06:05 - Untangled Faith Podcast and Feed Drops Amy introduces her podcast, Untangled Faith, which focuses on helping people navigate their Christian faith journey. She shares her plan to do a feed drop on another podcast as a strategy to reach new listeners.00:08:27 - A World of Difference Podcast and Key Takeaways Lori talks about her podcast, A World of Difference, which celebrates diversity and unity. She shares her approach of implementing a maximum of three takeaways from podcast conferences and highlights the importance of synthesizing information.00:09:29 - Evolving Technology in Podcasting Eric and Lori discuss the ever-changing landscape of podcasting technology. Lori emphasizes the importance of staying informed and adapting to new technological advancements.00:13:04 - The Value of Every Person The conversation highlights the importance of recognizing the worth and significance of every individual we meet. It emphasizes the idea that everyone has something to teach us and that we should approach each interaction with an open mind and a willingness to learn.00:13:58 - YouTube Shorts and Podcasting The guest shares their experience as a reluctant YouTuber and how they recently started utilizing YouTube for their podcast. They mention the potential benefits of adding YouTube Shorts to their content and express their willingness to try it out.00:15:32 - Passive vs Proactive Engagement The guest discusses the importance of actively engaging with podcast listeners rather than simply passively producing content. They emphasize the value of networking, building relationships, and seeking feedback from the audience to tailor the podcast to their needs.00:16:36 - Finding Support and Community The guest reflects on the sense of loneliness that can come with podcasting and highlights the power of being surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals. They emphasize the strength that comes from collaboration and the exchange of ideas within a supportive network.00:19:13 - Building Relationships and Support The conversation emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships with podcast listeners and the podcasting community. The guest suggests reaching out to individuals personally, engaging with their feedback, and focusing on long-term relationships rather than short-term gains.00:25:52 - Introduction Eric introduces the guests on the podcast episode, including Amy Fritz, Alajahwon Ridgeway, Melissa Weber, Amanda Turnbull, and Ryan Clevenger.00:26:29 - Tablecast Podcast Amanda Turnbull talks about her podcast, Tablecast, where she and Melissa interview women and provide a platform for them to share their stories and find confidence in their calling.00:28:34 - Burning Butterflies Podcast Amanda discusses the idea of starting a second podcast called "Burning Butterflies," which focuses on sharing stories of hurt, trauma, and healing within Christianity. The podcast aims to provide hope to those who have walked away from their faith.00:30:31 - The Power of Storytelling Amanda shares how their podcast has resonated with people outside of the Christian community, including agnostics and atheists. She emphasizes the power of their story and God's redemption in overcoming darkness.00:31:16 - Where You're From Podcast Ryan Clevenger discusses his role as a podcast producer for "Where You're From," a podcast that explores origin stories at the intersection of faith and culture. He reflects on the importance of reevaluating and improving their podcasting processes to better serve their audience.00:33:18 - Rethinking Interview Processes Ryan shares his takeaway from the podcast movement conference, where he learned the value of rethinking and improving their interview processes for "Where00:40:00 - The Value of Hearing People's Stories Eric expresses his interest in talking to people and hearing their stories about how God has worked in their lives. He believes that everyone has valuable lessons to share, but they may not always think about them until someone asks. He emphasizes the importance of having these conversations in the church community.00:40:25 - Importance of Enjoyment in Conversations Eric discusses the importance of enjoying the conversations he has on his podcast. He believes that if he is having fun and is passionate about the topic, it will come through on the mic and make the conversation more enjoyable for the audience as well.00:41:11 - People Are Awesome Eric and his guest Norman agree that people are awesome and each person has a unique and cool story to share. They emphasize the value of drawing out these stories and connecting with others through podcasting.00:41:48 - Where to Find Norman Norman shares that his website is and he can be found on all podcast streaming platforms under the name "Run with Horses."00:43:14 - Takeaways from the YouTube Session Eric and his guest Amy discuss their takeaways from a session they attended about YouTube. They mention the importance of YouTube as a search engine and a platform for discoverability. They also highlight the idea that the definition of a podcast can vary based on how it is consumed, whether as audio or video.
Connect with Guests
Amy Fritz
Podcast: The Untangled Faith Podcast​​​​​​​Facebook:
Lori Adams-Brown
Podcast: A World of Difference​​​​​​​Facebook:
Alajahwon Ridgeway
Podcast: Financial Advisors Say The Darndest Things​​​​​​​Facebook:
Melissa Weber & Amanda Turnbull
Podcast: Come to the Table with Melissa and Amanda​​​​​​​Facebook: Pinterest: Melissa - - Melissa - -
Ryan Clevenger
Podcast producer at Our Daily Bread
Norman Smith
Podcast: Run With Horses Podcast​​​​​​​Facebook:
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Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Happy International Podcast Day, my friends!
Well, it was on September 30th and this is the audio of how we celebrated with a conversation about publishing, publicity, and podcasting with TWO special guests. Join us are Krista Clayton of InterVarsity Press and Robin Barnett of ICON Media Group.
In this conversation, we will explore how the publishing and publicity industry has changed in the last decade, what role podcasters play in it now, and how you can work with them to get the guests you want.
If you’re looking for high quality guests for your show (and maybe some free books!), this conversation is for you!
Meet our Guests
Krista Clayton has over 25 years of experience in the publishing industry, with a focus on publicity and media outreach. As the head of the publicity team at IVP, Krista works closely with authors, broadcasters, and podcasters to schedule interviews and promote their books. Her dedication to building strong relationships with media professionals has made her a trusted and reliable resource in the industry. Krista's expertise and passion for connecting people and ideas have helped her successfully launch numerous books and foster meaningful collaborations. With her experience and extensive network, Krista brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the world of podcasting and publicity.
Robin Barnett is a seasoned media pro with over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry. As the Vice President of Public Relations at Icon Media Group, Robin has played a crucial role in launching more than 15 New York Times bestsellers. Her expertise lies in connecting authors with various media platforms, including national morning shows, radio, and online outlets. Robin's dedication to her craft and her ability to secure high-profile interviews have made her a sought-after publicist in the industry. With her strong relationships with media professionals and her knack for identifying the right opportunities for authors, Robin has been instrumental in helping authors gain widespread exposure and reach their target audience. Her passion for storytelling and her commitment to promoting exceptional books make her an invaluable asset to podcasters and publicists alike.
Quotes from the episode:
One of the best ways to connect with people you admire and respect is through podcasting. It allows you to work with publicists and bring on guests who can bring value to your podcast. - Krista Clayton
Building relationships is key in the world of publicity. It's about connecting with people, establishing trust, and creating opportunities for collaboration. - Robin Barnett
Podcasting has opened up a world of possibilities. You can reach a global audience, connect with experts in your field, and make a meaningful impact through the power of conversation. - Krista Clayton
In this episode, you will be able to:
Enhance your book publicity efforts by building strong relationships with podcasters.
Stay relevant and effective as a publicist in the digital age by adapting to new strategies and platforms.
Maximize the impact of your book launch and publicity campaign through the power of podcasting.
Discover effective strategies for connecting with authors and publicists to secure engaging podcast interviews.
Unlock the value of thorough preparation and continuous learning for successful podcasting and book promotion.
Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 - Importance of Podcast Strategy, Launching a book without a podcast strategy is no longer effective. Podcasts are crucial for promoting books and connecting with audiences.00:02:06 - The Power of Podcasting, Podcasting has the ability to connect people and open up new opportunities. It allows podcasters to interview and collaborate with individuals they admire and respect.00:06:39 - Roles of Publicists, Publicists play a crucial role in scheduling interviews, writing press kits, and strategizing book promotions. They work closely with authors, broadcasters, and podcasters to establish connections and promote their work.00:08:05 - Differentiating Publisher Publicists and Media Groups, Publisher publicists work within a publishing company, overseeing publicity efforts for their authors. Media groups, like Icon Media Group, focus on securing media coverage for authors and work with various types of media outlets.00:09:50 - The Importance of Relationships, Building and maintaining relationships is key in the publicist's work. Strong relationships with authors, media personnel, and podcasters facilitate successful promotions and collaborations. Relationships are the foundation of their work and personal lives.00:14:12 - The Influence of Viewers and Algorithms, The conversation begins with a discussion about how viewers have become more discriminating due to algorithms. Viewers now have the ability to curate the content they consume, making it necessary for creators to be specific and niche in order to capture their attention.00:14:52 - Changes in Publishing Industry, Krista reflects on how publishing has changed over the years, with social media playing a significant role. The rise of social media platforms and the shift in how people consume content has impacted the way authors are positioned and promoted. The importance of building a platform and the emergence of podcasts as a powerful medium are also highlighted.00:18:15 - The Power of Podcasting, The hosts discuss the growth and significance of podcasting as part of an author's publicity strategy. They emphasize the importance of having a podcast strategy and knowing what to say during interviews to keep listeners engaged and interested in the book being promoted. Mentioning the book throughout the conversation is essential to effective promotion.00:20:46 - Podcasting as a Publicity Strategy, Robin emphasizes that launching a book without a podcast strategy is no longer viable. Whether it's a new or established author, podcasts are a crucial tool for raising awareness and connecting with a targeted audience. Thoughtful preparation for podcast interviews is necessary to ensure the conversation leaves a lasting impact.00:23:56 - Niche Topics and Podcasts, Krista discusses how podcasting aligns well with Intervarsity00:27:50 - The Long Tail Effect in Podcasting, The long tail effect in podcasting is often underappreciated. Podcast downloads can continue for a long time, even for older episodes. This can result in consistent downloads each month, showcasing the lasting value of podcast episodes.00:28:09 - The Value of Booking Authors on Podcasts, Booking authors on podcasts not only provides access to their audience but also allows for a diverse range of topics and interesting guests. Both established and up-and-coming authors have valuable messages to share, making the podcasting landscape a vast sea of possibilities.00:29:11 - Criteria for Pitching Shows, When pitching shows, it is important to focus on specific topics and ensure the quality of the podcast. Building good chemistry between the host and the guest is crucial for a successful conversation. While some authors prioritize reach and numbers, others seek quality matches for their work.00:30:17 - Reaching Out to Publicists, To reach out to publicists, one can visit their Instagram pages to get an idea of the authors they are representing. Alternatively, sending an email to the PR firm or directly to the publicist expressing interest in collaboration is another effective way to initiate contact.00:31:45 - Metrics for Evaluating Podcasts, When evaluating podcasts, publicists look at various metrics, including iTunes reviews, Instagram followings, and past guests. These metrics help determine whether a podcast is worth a client's time and whether it will reach00:41:52 - Scheduling with Clients, The hosts ask the guests how they schedule interviews with clients. They discuss using calendly and various methods depending on the client's preferences.00:43:13 - Guest Preparation, The hosts emphasize the importance of providing guests with a preparation document that includes details about the interview format, duration, and any other relevant information to make the process easier for them.00:45:00 - Effective Communication, The hosts discuss the importance of ongoing communication and coordination between the publicist, host, and guest for a smooth interview process. They highlight the need for clear instructions and information sharing.00:46:37 - Video Interviews, The hosts talk about the growing trend of video interviews and the need to inform guests if the interview will be recorded and released in video format. They recognize the difference in preparation and presentation for video interviews.00:49:47 - Introducing Podcasters, The hosts discuss the value of introductions to other podcasters and how it helps expand their network and discover new shows to work with. They encourage podcasters to make introductions for each other to build relationships and create opportunities.00:54:57 - Introduction and Importance of Book Marketing, The hosts introduce the topic of book marketing and emphasize the importance of promoting books through podcast interviews. They discuss the process of working with authors and provide resources for podcasters to connect with publishers and publicists for potential interviews.00:55:18 - Joining Christian Podcasters Association, The hosts encourage podcasters to join the Christian Podcasters Association (CPA) Facebook Group for support and guidance. They highlight the benefits of being part of CPA and mention the options of joining CPA Gold or engaging in coaching sessions for personalized assistance.00:55:51 - Appreciation for the Guests, The hosts express their appreciation for the guests, Krista Clayton and Robin Barnett, and acknowledge the challenges of their work. They commend the guests for their dedication and commitment to publishing and promoting books.00:56:13 - Contact Information for the Guests, Robin shares her contact information, including her email address and the Instagram account of Icon Media Group. Krista also provides her email address and offers to share additional information upon receiving an email inquiry.01:00:10 - Comparison between Book Launches and Podcast Interviews, The hosts discuss the differences between book launches and podcast interviews in terms of marketing and tracking their impact on book sales. While book launches offer more guarantees and trackability, podcast interviews rely on building connections and hoping for positive responses from listeners.01:08:36 - The Value of Knowledge and Expertise, The host discusses the importance of gaining knowledge and expertise by perusing books before interviews. They express their appreciation for the vast amount of knowledge available and the opportunity to learn from experts.01:09:10 - Gratitude for the Guests, The host expresses deep gratitude to Krista Clayton and Robin Barnett for spending their Saturday with them on the podcast. They acknowledge that it is their job but still appreciate their time and contribution.01:09:25 - International Podcast Day, The host reminds listeners that it is International Podcast Day and encourages them to elevate their guesting game. They suggest reaching out to publishers, including Krista and Robin, to request books, do giveaways, and invite authors to enhance their podcast content.01:09:25 - Call to Action, The host urges listeners to take action by reaching out to publishers, requesting books, and engaging with authors. They emphasize the benefits of collaborating with publishers and authors to enhance podcast episodes and invite listeners to join them on the next episode of the Christian podcasters.none - Conclusion, The host concludes the podcast episode by thanking the audience for their presence and expressing gratitude for their support. They bid farewell and look forward to the next episode.
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Check out IVP (InterVarsity Press) for books and authors.
Visit Icon Media Group for media and publicity services.
Connect with Krista Clayton and Robinin Barnett for author interviews and media opportunities.
Sign up for International Podcast Day for resources and events.
Learn more about Christian Podcasters Association for networking and support.
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Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

Do you want to maximize your productivity and efficiency as a podcaster?
Are you tired of getting bogged down by time-consuming tasks that take away from your creative energy?
Join us as we reveal the ultimate solution to help you achieve the podcasting success you desire. Our guest experts, Jenn Uren and Kelly VanHoveln, will share their invaluable insights on how virtual assistants can revolutionize your podcasting journey, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating engaging content and growing your audience. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a streamlined workflow that brings you the results you've been dreaming of.
Learn about the Podcast VA AssociationThe Podcast VA Association serves as a rich resource hub, providing access to a meticulously curated directory of trained and certified VAs, according to Kelly VanHoveln. Through this platform, podcasters can find a VA that aligns perfectly with their specific needs and demands. The association champions a community-driven approach, offering invaluable collective wisdom and experience that podcasters can tap into for their success journey.
Quotes from the episode:
Sometimes we have to let go of certain tasks and delegate them to others in order to focus on the things that truly bring us joy and fulfillment. - Jenn Uren
By seeking help and outsourcing certain podcasting tasks, we can create space for growth and development, both personally and professionally. - Kelly VanHoveln
Don't let the fear of losing control hold you back from exploring new opportunities and expanding your podcast's reach. - Jenn Uren
In this episode, you will be able to:
Delve into the hurdles in the podcast industry, offering insight into the necessity for virtual assistance.
Understand the perks of outsourcing podcast responsibilities, depicting a route towards uncomplicated podcasting.
Get an introduction to the Podcast VA Association and its role, emphasizing the need to engage with trustworthy virtual assistants.
Grasp how task simplification can lead to a more effective podcast business, suggesting improved revenue and higher efficiency.
Note the flags that signal the need for external help, accentuating the value and importance of task division to virtual assistants.
Timestamped summary of this episode:00:00:00 - Introduction, Eric Nevins introduces the episode and welcomes guests Jenn Uren and Kelly VanHoveln to discuss the challenges of podcasting and the need for help in managing the various tasks involved.00:07:06 - Importance of Time Management in Podcasting, Eric asks the guests how long it takes them to complete their podcast episodes. They discuss the time-consuming nature of podcasting and the need for efficient time management.00:08:49 - Introducing Jenn and Kelly's Podcasting Journey, Jenn and Kelly share their personal experiences with podcasting and how they realized they needed help with the various tasks involved in producing and managing a podcast.00:09:49 - The Birth of Podcast VA Association, The guests explain how the idea for the Podcast VA Association came about from their own experiences and the need they saw for a community and resources to help podcasters find virtual assistants for podcast-related tasks.00:11:22 - When Fun Turns Into Dread, The guests discuss the tipping point when podcasting becomes overwhelming and the joy of creating is replaced with stress. This realization leads to seeking help and finding a solution to manage podcasting tasks effectively.00:11:56 - Benefits of Working with a Podcast VA, Jenn and Kelly highlight the benefits of working with a podcast virtual assistant, such as saving time, maintaining consistency, and being able to focus on the creative aspects of podcasting.00:13:34 - Signs that it's Time to Get Help with Your Podcast, Signs that it's time to get help with your podcast include when it stops being fun and feels like a burden, when you struggle to release episodes on time, and when you feel that someone else could do certain tasks more efficiently than you. Avoid pod fade and seek help when needed.00:15:27 - The Importance of Identifying Your Zone of Genius, It's important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to podcasting. Identify the parts of podcasting that you enjoy, such as the creative aspects, and consider delegating tasks that you dread or are not skilled at. Find a balance between maintaining creative control and letting others assist with certain aspects.00:18:11 - Transitioning from Production Mode to Growth Mode, After becoming familiar with the production process of your podcast, it's important to transition into growth mode. This involves allocating time to focus on tasks that promote the growth of your show, such as social media strategies or securing guest interviews. Hiring a VA with expertise in these areas can support your show's growth.00:22:04 - The Value of a Trained and Certified VA, Hiring a trained and certified VA offers numerous benefits, including customized support for your specific show, the ability to minimize risk and streamline the training process, and the opportunity to regain time and energy for bigger projects. The value goes beyond monetary investment and extends to the overall growth and impact of your podcast.00:28:27 - The importance of reframing mindset, The guests discuss the importance of reframing mindset when considering hiring a virtual assistant (VA). They emphasize the need to ask questions like "Can I afford not to?" to shift perspective and explore the benefits of hiring a VA.00:29:22 - Micromanaging vs. lack of guidance, The guests highlight two common mistakes in working with VAs. The first is micromanaging and not giving the VA the freedom to work in their own way. The second mistake is hiring a VA without providing proper training and guidance, expecting them to know what to do without clear instructions.00:31:35 - Best practices for working with a VA, The guests recommend starting with a trial period to ensure a good fit. They also emphasize the importance of having a contract to outline expectations and compensation. Clear communication, deadlines, and a reliable workflow tool like ClickUp are essential for successful collaboration.00:33:21 - Importance of deadlines and consequences, The guests stress the significance of setting clear deadlines and respecting each other's time. They advise podcasters to hold themselves accountable for meeting deadlines and appreciate the consequences for not doing so. This fosters a productive and efficient working relationship with VAs.00:36:43 - Building a podcasting community, The guests encourage podcasters to view podcasting as a team effort rather than a solo endeavor. They highlight the benefits of growing together and supporting each other within the podcasting community, as success for one00:42:52 - Introduction, The host introduces the guests, Jenn Uren and Kelly VanHoveln, and expresses curiosity about their thoughts on a topic. 00:43:09 - Compliments to Kelly's Unique Style of Posting, The host praises Kelly's unique style of posting on social media and asks her about how she developed her process of tapping into people's emotions without being manipulative. 00:44:00 - Content Creation Strategy, Kelly explains her content creation strategy, which involves identifying the overarching problems her clients or customers are dealing with and getting specific about how these problems show up in their lives. She emphasizes the importance of addressing these struggles directly in her content and highlighting how her services can help. 00:46:03 - Overcoming the Fear of Investing in a VA, Kelly suggests saving 90 days of funds to pay for a VA and figuring out how to use the extra time they will provide. She recommends entering into a 90-day contract and assessing the impact after that period. She encourages starting with a clear, small step to overcome the fear of investing in a VA. 00:48:54 - Taking Action and Building Momentum, Kelly advises giving it a try by saving up money and taking small steps without a long-term commitment. She emphasizes the benefits of setting aside funds and experiencing the freed-up time to build momentum and confidence in hiring a VA.
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